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Book one of The Hunters Series

Retired FBI agent Dr. Beau Peterson’s strange psychic ability enables him to connect with murder victims after their deaths, a talent that aided him in capturing the infamous Ryland Ripper. Now teaching criminal psychology at a local college, he is asked to work with his former partner, Cody Taylor, on a baffling new case—someone, whom the media dubs “Ripper Junior,” is mimicking the Ryland Ripper.

With each of Junior’s kills, Jordan Stafford falls into a trance, forcing her to see every hideous detail through his eyes. Beau reluctantly accepts her assistance in pursuing the dangerous serial killer, but in a macabre twist of fate, she becomes Junior’s new target. Beau, Jordan, and Cody must utilize all of their skills to prevent her from becoming Junior’s next victim.

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“Sandy James weaves mystery and romance in her impossible to put down novel, Copycat. Filled with non-stop action and vivid detail, my pulse raced with anticipation from the first to the last page.New York Time Bestselling Author Aleatha Romig