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Book one of The Hunters Series

Retired FBI agent Dr. Beau Peterson’s strange psychic ability enables him to connect with murder victims after their deaths, a talent that aided him in capturing the infamous Ryland Ripper. Now teaching criminal psychology at a local college, he is asked to work with his former partner, Cody Taylor, on a baffling new case—someone, whom the media dubs “Ripper Junior,” is mimicking the Ryland Ripper.

With each of Junior’s kills, Jordan Stafford falls into a trance, forcing her to see every hideous detail through his eyes. Beau reluctantly accepts her assistance in pursuing the dangerous serial killer, but in a macabre twist of fate, she becomes Junior’s new target. Beau, Jordan, and Cody must utilize all of their skills to prevent her from becoming Junior’s next victim.

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4.5 stars -- "This is a psychological thriller that yes, has some romance and sexy times. But it is also filled with twists and turns that will keep your heart racing and will have your fingers turning the pages as fast as you can." Carol's Crazy Bookish World
4.25 stars -- "COPYCAT is a story of betrayal and vengeance, obsession and madness, secrets, lies, friendships, relationships and love. The premise is intriguing and captivating; the romance is seductive and impassioned; the characters are energetic and charismatic." The Reading Café

“Sandy James weaves mystery and romance in her impossible to put down novel, Copycat. Filled with non-stop action and vivid detail, my pulse raced with anticipation from the first to the last page.New York Time Bestselling Author Aleatha Romig