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Book Two in Alliance of the Amazons

Megan Feurer is strong and impetuous, like the Fire element she represents. She is an Amazon, sworn to protect humanity from demons, demigods and all manner of supernatural beings who wish ill upon the world. But her fire burns hot and fast, and her unpredictable control of the element brings into question her fitness as an Amazon.

Johann Herrmann chose the life of a Sentinel—a trainer of the four Amazons—to save his sister’s life. Now bound to the patron goddess Rhiannon, he knows his duty demands a solitary existence. But when he’s assigned to evaluate the Fire Amazon, his sacrifice becomes much more difficult.

Megan’s passions ignite a flame that neither she nor Johann can control, and the goddess Freya has reason to fan those flames. A mysterious force is gaining power, and Megan and Johann must join together to fight. And once a passionate fire has started, it’s nearly impossible to stop…

Find out how it all began in The Reluctant Amazon.

92,000 words

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All in all, it is a truly fine piece of writing and a novel that is a joy to read. ~ Book Binge

THE IMPETUOUS AMAZON is a hot, sexy, action-packed story from beginning to end. ~ The Book Girl

The Impetuous Amazon is a smoking hot addition to the Alliance of the Amazons. It is an exhilarating romance with lots of action and adventure. ~ Tome Tender

Return to the world of the Amazons with the red-hot The Impetuous Amazon. Author Sandy James ups the stakes for her Amazons in the second Alliance of the Amazons book, and takes readers on a thrilling journey of danger and romance. ~ Wit and Sin

I love how Ms. James describes these moments as they almost make me as if it's me who is having their heart torn apart. ~ Tracy's Place

Can somebody please give me a chorus of "hunka hunka burnin' love"? You'll get it when you read the book. ~ Book Lovers, Inc.