Are you insane?! An exploration of abnormal psychology...
RWA National Conference Workshop

Get ready for an overview of abnormal psychology that will aid writers in understanding the subject so that their characters suffering from any psychological abnormality can be written realistically. Using examples from popular and classic media, I teach about topics such as multiple personalities, narcissism, anxiety disorders, and schizophrenia. I touch on hot button topics such as Munchausen’s Syndrome and Munchausen’s by proxy.

Freud Knows Romance
RWA National Conference Workshop

This workshop empowers participants with some basic psychological principles that will give them tools to use in their characterizations. The workshop includes theories on motivation, explanations of emotion, and discussions of personality formation. Sigmund Freud’s defense mechanisms are a “must know” for writers. Without a grasp of concepts such as rationalization, sublimation, and projection, authors miss some fantastic opportunities to make their heroes and heroines consistent and endearing.

I got the call! Now what?

With the rise of ebooks and print-on-demand, more writers are finding that their first publishing experience isn’t traditional. This workshop will walk you down the road of small press/ebook publishing through the eyes of an ebook author. Topics will include contracts, editing, cover art, and blurbs. Since most small press/ebook authors have little support in marketing, there will also be several economical tips and techniques on how to market stories.

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