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The Reluctant Amazon
Alliance of the Amazons
The Reluctant Amazon ~ Book 1

The last thing Rebecca Massee expects on her wedding day is to go from jilted kindergarten teacher to Amazonian Earth warrior. But when she causes an earthquake after her groom says I don’t, she discovers that not only does she possess incredible powers, she is one of four lost chosen sisters who must fight to keep humanity safe from rogue gods and demons. Luckily she has help: ruggedly handsome Scottish warrior Artair MacKay, her protector and teacher.

An immortal, Artair has trained countless warriors for more than four hundred years. He understands Rebecca’s confusion at the new world she’s been thrust into and worries she is too emotionally vulnerable, but that doesn’t stop his growing feelings for the beautiful and fearless woman.

When an evil force threatens to destroy the Amazons, Rebecca must claim her full powers—but they come at a cost. Can she sacrifice the man she loves if it means saving the world?

barnes & noble amazon


2013 National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award Finalist

Heart of Excellence Readers Choice Awards Finalist



Night Owl Romance ~ 5 stars ~ Reviewer Top Pick ~ Ms. James has outdone herself with this new series, Alliance of the Amazons.

Bookaholic Anon ~ I enjoyed this book enough to know I can't wait until she gives us more...

Tracy's Place ~ There was really never a dull moment in the story...

LovLivLife Reviews ~ The plot had its own uniqueness among others in the genre.

Smexy Books ~ I like the world in this book. I can’t help but enjoy a big Scottish hero that whisks the heroine away to a magical place...

Sinfully Delicious Books ~ The end was a whirlwind of action leaving off with a very satisfying ending and an opening for what's to come  in the next installment.

The Book Girl ~ I loved the twists and turns the story took and can’t wait to find out what happens next in the series.